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FAQ-1: Is there any limit to the number of times one can apply for NCE examination?
FAQ-2:    Is Registration mandatory for applying to NCE examinations?
FAQ-3: How do I register Online?
FAQ-4: To apply do I need to have an email-id and mobile number?
FAQ-5: Should the candidate register each time before applying for an examination?
FAQ-6: How does it work?
FAQ-7: Is it possible to fill-up the form in fragments/parts since it is a long one?
FAQ-8: Is there a provision to modify a previously saved form?
FAQ-9: How to make the payment of the application fee?
FAQ-10: My Credit/Debit card is not working while paying the application fee.
What should I do?
FAQ-11: I have registered for 15th Exam. Can I apply for 21st NCE examinations?
FAQ-12: What is the fee one has to pay for appearing in this examination?
FAQ-13: Is there any age limit for taking NCE examination?
FAQ-14: Is fee paid for NCE examination refundable?
FAQ-15: What is the eligibility criteria for appearing in this examination?
FAQ-16: What are all the Papers one has to appear for this examination?
FAQ-17: What is the minimum marks one has to obtain in order to receive certification?
FAQ-18: Whether one can apply for this examination without any work experience?